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Drivy allows you to rent one of thousands of rental cars and vans directly nearby. Fast and cheap, so you are stress-free. If you own a car, rent it on Drivy and save the running costs. Drivy protects you with comprehensive insurance and customer service - whether you rent or rent your car.

Size of business

  • 91 emplyees in Berlin, Paris and Barcelona


  • Investors

Opportunities and plans for the future

Our vision is to have a car at every street corner in Europe. In the future you can rent a car by using the Drivy App  and go wherever you want.

Pitfalls and challenges

1. How did the project come to life?
In 2010 Paulin Dementhon established the idea of the business. At this time he lived in Marseille and noticed that three families in his neighbourhood shared a car and the associated costs by using an excel table. In a city that roads were overcrowded with cars, it seemed to him to develop the obvious solution: personal ownership will become more and more expansive and, despite at all, the streets are flooded by unused vehicles. For this reason a wiser approach should developed.
2. If you found the company again, what would you do exactly in the same way and what would you do differently?
At Drivy, form the first day we set up on a strong team. Every new employee has run through an extensive process before somebody will be hired. On the one hand we want to hire a specialist and on the other hand we want somebody who fits in the team. Everyone who works at Drivy represent the product for 100% and support it by expanding.
3. Are there any difficulties regarding the foundation?
Every market is different. At the beginning in 2014 we realized that security and trust is even more important for our users in Germany than in France or Spain. Particularly innovative concepts often encounter scepticism, which should be overcome.
4. What are the biggest challenges in regard of the foundation?
Of course the most important aspect for a brand is to generate publicity of the product. Since the first day we explain the new concept of Drivy and try to reduce possible fears. This rethinking of mobility is a challenge. Especially in Germany the car is a very precious good.
5. Did you have positive or negative incidences which motivated you?
When we get positive feedback from our community then we are motivated day by day. Drivy lives from the fact that people rent their car to others and have a positive experience. A negative fact that motivates the founding of Drivy is that around 95% of the cars are unused. This is simply wasteful and have to be changed.

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