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with this GET-UP Newsletter we would like to keep you up to date with current developments of the European project GET-UP about Green Entrepreneurship.

Over the last month we developed, created and adjusted our tailor-made Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum as well as the assigned CPD training programme of the GET-UP project. In this project it was important for us to embed the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum and the CPD training programme in a blended learning environment meaning providing the modules and materials not only face-to-face, but furthermore in an engaging way online on the GET-UP platform. This ensures that every individual that is interested in becoming greener and/or to start an enterprise can find useful and easy to access to information on the GET-UP platform. Additionally, we integrated the Observatory on the GET-UP platform and all outputs of the project. Please, feel free to visit the GET-UP platform at any time:

Not only will the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum and the CPD training programme be available online, but further will be implemented in the partner countries to promote the green sector amongst entrepreneurs and companies all over Europe by teachers, trainers and/or tutors. That is why we developed the CPD training programme to ensure that all interested teachers, trainers and/or tutors are able to use the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum how it is intended and are able to get useful information, if they are not familiar with the green sector themselves, but want to give their learners the chance to get involved in that sector.

And to ensure that the content of the CPD training programme is appropriate for teachers, trainers and/or tutors we planned a five-day Transnational Training Event where a first iteration of the CPD training programme could take place. The hosting partner, University of Paderborn in Germany, invited trainers of all partner countries who are in some way assigned to the partner organisations to pre-test the CPD training programme.

This event took place from the 15th until the 19th of January 2018 in Paderborn, Germany. During this training the trainers were presented with the current content of the CPD training programme. They were guided through the nine developed modules of the CPD training programme. During this training we really wanted to ensure that the trainers can give their opinion on the current content of the CPD training programme and to share their previous experience regarding the work as a trainer within the sense of entrepreneurship and the green sector to ensure the quality of the CPD training programme as well as the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum.

Overall, we are pleased with the course of the training and were happy to welcome the trainers of our partner countries to Paderborn and will happily integrate their suggestions in to the CPD training programme.

Feel free to have a look through the gallery to get an impression of the GET-UP Transnational Training Event:


In the following month we will finalise the content of the CPD training programme as well as the Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum and are looking forward to the results and to present it to you on our GET-UP platform.

In the meantime please visit our project website or Facebook page, where you can find out more about the contents of the project GET-UP.

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Summary Research Report

The results of our research activities are available for you to review and consider on our project website and we hope that you will follow the progress of our project over the coming months. If you could like further information on the project or contribute to the development of the training programme, please like our Facebook page contact Sarah at Meath Partnership at

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