There is little doubt that the development of the green economy can make a significant contribution to restoring Europe’s economy to growth by harnessing new business and employment opportunities that green businesses offer. In fact, many EU Member States are looking to green growth as one of the ways out of the current economic crisis. According to the Harvard Business Review 2012,

"sustainability and the green economy is the next transformational business mega-trend comparable to mass production, manufacturing quality movement, IT revolution, and globalization".

Green entrepreneurs provide the breeding ground for starting and sustaining a green economy by providing green products and services; by introducing greener production techniques; by boosting demand for green products and services and by creating green jobs. When one considers that tomorrow’s green entrepreneurs will create sustainable jobs and wealth for their communities; commercialize new green innovations that will make people’s lives better; and contribute to achieving national economic growth in harmony with environmental protection; it is imperative that appropriate educational and training interventions that make the ground fertile for young green entrepreneurs to thrive are developed.

To support a new cadre of green entrepreneurs 8 partner organisations from 7 different EU Member States have joined forces in the GET-UP project which is funded under the ERASMUS+ programme. The project partners comprise the University of Paderborn (DE), University of Pitesti (RO), Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative (UK), Meath Community Rural & Social Development Partnership (IE), European University Cyprus (CY), Future In Perspective (IE), Fundacion Universidad Empresa de la Region de Murcia (ES) and Innoventum Oy (FI). Together these partners aim to design and develop a bespoke green entrepreneurship training curriculum to foster the business skills and acumen essential for long-term business development and success.

More and more people are waking up to the innumerable benefits of on-line education and training. While the growth in popularity of on-line learning has brought about an increase in the number of on-line learning courses it has not had any noticeable impact on the quality of course-ware available. GET-UP partner will use their expertise in designing educational content and their thorough knowledge of on-line learning systems to generate engaging and inspiring learning content with in-built flexibility and adaptability that today’s learners demand.

The GET-UP project runs from September 2016 to December 2018. Why not follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with developments as the project progresses. Better still, register on our e-learning portal to access the new training materials as they become available.

Organisations behind this project

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Project outputs

The Get-Up project seeked to address a significant gap in market proision by developing a bespoke green entrepreneurship curriculum and providing appropriate training to support the continuous professional development of VET professionals into this new market oriented course.
Here are the key outputs of GET-UP: