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Posidonia Turismo

Tourism services in La Manga del Mar Menor committed to our heritage and our environment. We are a ecotourism company that focuses on sustainable tourism based on leisure experiences. Our environment and our spaces are our priority and tourism our passion! We wait for you with a lot of plans and experiences here, between two seas, in La Manga del Mar Menor and in the Region of Murcia.

Posidonia turismo is a company specialized in Ecotourism, specifically in ecotourism experiences in the Region of Murcia and in its various protected areas and parks. We have designed for our visitors a series of activities, closely related to our natural heritage, so that through them you can know and enjoy all of our natural resources at the same time.

Size of business

3 employees.


Opportunities and plans for the future

In some areas it is an innovative proposal, especially on the coast since ecotourism is mainly related to inland tourism. I believe that the company will grow as ecotourism experiences are an additional contribution to the destination.

Pitfalls and challenges

1. How did the project come to life?

I wanted to create a company that would contribute something different in my area and also use tourism as a powerful tool for change.

2. If you found the company again, what would you do exactly and what would you do differently?

Some tourism experiences, although attractive, have no demand, so I would guide them in a different way or to a different type of client.

3. What are the biggest challenges in regard of the foundation?

In general, Ecotourism in the region is something very new so I have had to face many obstacles starting with mentalities, synergies with the natural spaces, seeking support in other tourism companies ... but it takes time, opening the way is very complicated. For this reason, knowing the sector, the marketing, the creation of new products and experiences, has been very useful when finding those collaborations.

Contact information

Galerias Flamenco, La Manga del Mar Menor - Murcia

+34 697173735