Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum

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Module 1: Understanding the Green Economy

Module 1 provides general insights into the Green Economy. The specific key definitions and principles help to understand the green sector and thus develop an understanding of the sustainable economy.

Module 2 - Understanding Green Entrepreneurship

Module 2 gives an insight into Green Entrepreneurship. Elements such as environmental protection, connection to ecology or redesign of existing business processes are addressed in order to get closer to this topic and also to understand it.

Module 3 - Being Creative and Innovative

In Module 3 participants will gain an understanding of how new ideas can be developed and which methods and applications can be used to generate ideas. In addition, this module shows how a company manages to establish itself on the market.

Module 4 - Personal Enterprising Skills and Behaviors

Module 4 introduces the topic of personal entrepreneurial skills and behaviors and thus provides a clear understanding of the qualities required as a successful green entrepreneur. The focus is particularly on a personal analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

Module 5 - Identifying and Pitching a New Business Opportunity

Module 5 deals with "Identifying and Pitching New Business Opportunities". At this point, the focus is on what is meant by a business opportunity. In addition, the process for identifying new business opportunities will be presented.

Module 6 - Raising Awareness of a Green Business

Module 6 raises awareness of a Green Business. It also aims to analyse the impact of the business environment as well as sustainable markets and customer needs.

Module 7 - Managing the Money in a Green Business

Module 7 focused on money management in a Green Business. Various financing sources are presented in order to identify a personal model.

Module 8 - Managing and Leading Others in a Green Business

Module 8 provides basic information about managing and leading others in an organization. In addition, the module shows information and possibilities to deal with challenges in the area of motivation and to be able to lead others. In addition, this module discusses financial issues and strategic decisions, identifies opportunities and elements of a business plan, and shows how these aspects can be integrated into the teaching of Green Entrepreneurs.