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European University Cyprus

European University Cyprus is a university in the Republic in Cyprus that is a member of Laureate International Universities. The Laureate network reaches out to more than 75 accredited campus-based and online institutions, in 29 countries, with more than 150 campuses and over 800,000 students worldwide. Both the group and the university are active in innovation in education and training. In particular, our department is actively participating in primary and applied research in how to actively innovate education, knowledge and provision of skills. The group is very active in ensuring there is transfer of soft skills along with essential knowledge to students, having launched the system wide programme that tracks and evaluates such skills digitally for all students. This allows students to build a broader profile and be part of their own learning process, monitoring the skills there are upgrading throughout their time in a Laureate institution. In terms of education we are the leading university in the provision of blended learning environments in Cyprus. Each semester 25% of all lessons are in a blended learning environment, allowing our department to promote greater flexibility and student centred approached to learning This is in addition to 10% of courses we offer from distance learning. All our trainers are certified in creating, teaching and delivering effectively blended learning courses. Our department is focused on promoting skill centred learning and introducing innovation in the learning environment with successful completed and ongoing projects in Post graduate, graduate and vocational training contexts with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. Most recent examples in a European Context are InEcVET, SCIENT and European Recovery Leadership, which are placed in detail below.

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