There is little doubt that the development of the green economy can make a significant contribution to restoring Europe’s economy to growth by harnessing new business and employment opportunities that green businesses offer and many countries are looking to green growth as the way out of the current economic crisis.
The global market for environmental goods and services is vast and it continues to grow quickly. Although we are still at a relatively early stage of this new mega-trend, it can be expected to continue to grow exponentially.Educationalists can either fuel entrepreneurship of stop it in its tracks, however, responding to new mega-trends with fit-for-purpose curriculum resources is just the latest in a long line of challenges that educationalists have faced in recent years.
It is this challenge that the GET-UP project consortium is committed to addressing by developing a suite of bespoke curriculum resources to support young green entrepreneurs.

Organisations behind this project

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Project outputs

The Get-Up project will seek to address a significant gap in market proision by developing a bespoke green entrepreneurship curriculum and providing appropriate training to support the continuous professional development of VET professionals into this new market oriented course.
Here are the key outputs of GET-UP:

Rezumat al Cercetării pedagogice

O2 CPD Training Programme for VET Staff

O3 Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum

O4 On-line Observatory of Green Businesses

O5 Green Entrepreneurship in Europe - A Comparative Perspective

O6 Policy Paper