Observatory of Green Businesses


SC Total Racolav Carton Plast SRL is a Romanian company with headquarters in Pitesti, founded in 2004 with the purpose of providing ecological services for the collection, recovery and recycling of waste and recyclable materials, as well as of solid household waste

Our goal is to make a material and thermal recovery of waste before its removal in order to save natural resources and to actively contribute to the protection of the environment and to the improvement of the quality of life. Total Racolav offers its services both to private companies as well as to communities (urban localities and localities) in Romania, as well as to individuals. Total Racolav is authorized to carry out the collection and recycling of non-metallic wastes (cardboard, paper, plastics, wood, textiles, glass, tires, spent batteries etc.) and iron and copper (iron, copper, stainless steel, bronze brass, etc.) as well as waste from electrical, electronic and household appliances. It also holds a license for pre-collection, collection and transport of municipal waste, including hazardous hazardous wastes from household waste except for special and undergoing hazardous waste and ISO waste.

Size of business

Approx. 1 300 000 Lei - turnover and 25 employees.


The business was started from the own sources of the entrepreneurs involved.

Opportunities and plans for the future

We want to expand our business in the neighboring areas of Arges County and beyond.

Pitfalls and challenges

The challenges were represented, in particular, by the obtaining of operating authorizations, being the legal basis for carrying out the activity. The process was laborious but necessary and successfully completed.

Contact information

+40348 414110