Observatory of Green Businesses


Clean technologies - the main object of activity is to assemble and maintain alternative, environmentally friendly, low-fuel systems.

We are authorized to carry out montages, revisions and repairs for all GLP-approved systems in Romania. We also have the knowledge and equipment needed to perform adjustments and repairs, as well as diagnostic programs and interfaces for these systems. Our customers are from all over the country. Our installations are environmentally friendly because we want a clean environment.

Size of business

We have approximately 10 employees and a turnover of almost 900,000 Lei.


The start of the business was a bit difficult, requiring financial support to acquire the necessary systems and train employees in the field.

Opportunities and plans for the future

At the very least, we want to keep on the same level as regards the quality of services, as, in this way, the number of customers will undoubtedly increase.

Pitfalls and challenges

The main obstacle encountered, but which turned out to be a real advantage, was the differentiation from other profile firms that offer cheaper services and, at first glance, more tempting. This obstacle has been removed over time by providing quality, environmentally friendly and customer-friendly services.

Contact information

Str. Depozitelor nr. 36, Pitești, Argeș

+40724 796 694