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Intewo - World Habitat Society GmbH

Our world and the environment are changing rapidly. INTEWO reacts to the growing challenges and offers impulses and innovative solutions in the fields of tourism and sustainable development. The INTEWO team consists of geographers, cartographers, geologists, ecologists, tourism professionals, computer scientists, journalists and other keen thinkers. INTEWO is a leading think tank and offers innovative sustainable development. INTEWO products and services offer you freedom of quality and thoroughness wherever you need it

Size of business

  • 2 employees in Germany
  • 5 employees in Oman
  • Network of associated scientists and consultants


  • No support

Opportunities and plans for the future

This is very difficult to say. The market is moving so fast. I think one focus will be on consulting and product development.

Pitfalls and challenges

1. How did the project come to life?
The idea was developed by Prof. Barth and Henning Schwarze in the Department of Geography at the University of Paderborn. The department faced the dissolution and we wanted to develop our innovative ideas and wanted to develop further consulting activities in the Arabian region. In regard to this we would like to promote them as part of a company foundation.
2. If you found the company again, what would you do exactly in the same way and what would you do differently?
At the beginning of founding a business we would inform us more about founding opportunities to be able to start something "bigger". We have started without an office etc. and elaborated everything ourselves e.g. the administrative exercises. At the beginning we had no idea about it. We'd definitely be risky and live for the idea and the business again.
3. Are there any difficulties regarding the foundation?
It is not a very common place. You have to try to find a market niche and be good in your business. Therefore, it is very important to develop a brand. Much depends also on the political framework. They can change very quickly.
4. What are the biggest challenges in regard of the foundation?
Certainly the bureaucratic effort before and during the foundation, but also during the running operation.
5. Did you have positive or negative incidences which motivated you?
It is very motivating if you realize that your idea/business is very meaningful and it is accepted by the society. On the other hand it is very frustrating if in the beginning your ideas are not accepted, therefore we should have made bigger investments to place a product.


Pictures by courtesy of INTEWO.

Contact information

Henning Schwarze
Paderborner Str. 11
33189 Schlangen, Germany

+49 5252 269 2838 0