Observatory of Green Businesses

grüne Bude e.K.

Onlineshop for organic food & sustainable products.
Organic food, home textiles from organic cotton, organic fragrances, detergents, DIY-area, media, sustainable things and information.

Size of business

  • One employee (Founder)


  • Own financial reserves
  • Founding coach
  • Support of family and friends

Opportunities and plans for the future

In 10 years I will be the owner of a real shop. There I will work with my husband and a few valuable employees.
The focus will be on regional & seasonal organic food, sustainable products and a plastic-free, unpacked shopping experience. There will be regular events such as repair cafes, manual work meetings, courses or lectures. There will be also an exchange, gift and lending area. In addition to that, I could also imagine a café or bistro and a children´s zoo.

Pitfalls and challenges

1. How did the project come to life?
I worked in an administration of a personnel service company for 10 years. In my private life I am very interested in topics of bio and environmental protection. Because of this my work became more and more meaningless. I tried to get a "green" job, unfortunately it was impossible in my region. Whilst purchasing I often spent a lot of time checking out certain criteria (ingredients, manufacturers, manufacturing country ...) and ordered quite a bit on the internet. So I developed the idea of an own shop which complies these aspects. I sold my condo, so I got the necessary start-capital to establish my own business.
2. If you found the company again, what would you do exactly in the same way and what would you do differently?
I would not register my business into the commercial register immediately. It costs 160€ per year although you do not make profit. Moreover the suppliers and customers are not interested in the entry. I would also renounce some memberships in different associations. And I would have used a founding coach, who is familiar with the business. If I wouldn't have found one, I would rather do without one Moreover I would offer other products and assortments. But apart from that, I would do it the same way as before.
3. Are there any difficulties regarding the foundation?
I think the difficulties in online retailing in the green sector and in the "non-green" sector are the same. In other sectors, this may be different.
4. What are the biggest challenges in regard of the foundation?
In fact, I did expect more interest and support from my private environment. Otherwise, it is still a challenge to become popular on such a small budget and also to handle all of the different tasks on your own and those as soon as possible.
5.Did you have positive or negative incidences which motivated you?
When I told others of my business and intentions, I was usually able to infect them with my enthusiasm. It was and is nice and very motivating to get positive feedback for doing something meaningful.


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Contact information

Andrea Menzel
grüne Bude e.K.
Im Wertchen 10, 50374 Erftstadt, Germany

01525 2759322