Green Entrepreneurship Curriculum

Ενότητα 1 - Η Πράσινη Οικονομία

Module 1 provides insights in the structure of the online learning modules of GET-UP. It offers the learners an overview of the different online modules and helps the learners to work with the online module. They are introduced in the different elements of the online units, where to find them and how to handle them. It shows how to deal with the registration, adding a learner profile, text, graphic, videos, tasks and how to use the online learning environment in general.

Ενότητα 2 - Επιχειρηματικό μοντέλο καμβά

Module 2 provides insights in the learners / future multipliers and GET-UP curriculum teachers with information about Green Economy, Green products etc. because they are usually not used to this but have to provide information about this in the GET-UP courses. Elements like protection of the environment, connection to ecology or redesign of existing business processes will be addressed.

Ενότητα 3 - Δημιουργικότητα & καινοτομία σε ένα πράσινο πλαίσιο

Module 3 provides elements of entrepreneurship and addresses aspects of creating and running a new and innovative business. It refers to elements provided in the GET-Curriculum to deliver the basic information to the multipliers as well. It gives the opportunity to discuss with other teachers and trainers about entrepreneurship helps to get into the topic. Here strategy decisions are discussed as well as identifying opportunities and elements of entrepreneurship.

Ενότητα 4 - Προσωπική επιχειρηματικότητα δεξιότητες & συμπεριφορές

Module 4 introduces the trainer in blended learning and how to deal with the challenges of the combination of face-to-face-learning in combination with online learning. It provides hints how to decide which content serves best in which part and offers suggestions how to create an effective didactical relation between contents in both parts. Moreover, it offers ideas how to integrate support for the learning and ways to provide feedback on the learning processes.

Ενότητα 5 - Προσδιορισμός και προώθηση μιας νέας επιχειρηματικής ευκαιρίας

Module 5 offers information on green entrepreneurship. Here the trainers will get information on the characteristics and traits of green entrepreneurs and short insights in selected best practices in this field. Elements like new technologies, sustainable business ideas, connection to economy and ecology or the "triple-bottom-line" of Elkington 1998 will be addressed for the multipliers.

Ενότητα 6 - Αύξηση της αναγνωρισιμότητας μίας πράσινης επιχείρησης

Module 6 introduces the structure of the GET-UP-Curriculum with its modules. It addresses the general idea of the curriculum and leads to more awareness about the topic and how it is addresses in GET-UP information. The learning outcomes and the indicative content will be presented in an overview to provide the trainers with a general perspective on the GET-UP approach.

Ενότητα 7 - Διαχείριση των χρημάτων

Module 7 offers tasks for the trainers which brings them in direct contact with the online-observatory and its information. The tasks will be discussed and the trainers will describe a Green Entrepreneurship business on their own to get used to it as well as to think about ways to integrate these elements in their own teaching in the GET-UP courses based on the GET-UP-Curriculum.

Ενότητα 8 : Διαχείριση και καθοδήγηση άλλων

Module 8 offers basic financial information and ways to deal with managing challenges in the field of motivation and leading others for the trainers. Here financial issues are discussed as well as strategy decisions, identifying opportunities and elements of a business plan and how to integrate these aspects into teaching Green Entrepreneurs.